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The Spaces Between
By Salina Art Center

Art Exhibition | Main Gallery | FREE

The Spaces Between features three Kansas artists; Lynn Benson, Rubert Bubp, and Tim Stone. With a different approach each artist explores the edges and tensions inherent in the spaces we occupy.

Lynn Benson’s paintings and collages focus on rivers and waterways, creating abstracted images from google map views. The rivers she chooses often represent areas of conflict: trade routes, oil spills, pollution, areas where the access to resources is contested. Bubp’s work uses walking as an act of insurgency, portraying the collisions between public and private space. Using etched steel, video, and interactive installations, Bubp asks us to consider the right to occupy these grey areas and how it feels to travel within other people’s spaces. Stone questions our experiences of space through surreal interiors and imagined landscapes. His paintings and collages hint at the familiar, yet remain undefinable, creating feelings of tension and anxiety that reflect our current unsure times. 

December 05, 2020 - February 18, 2021
11:00am - 5:00pm (CST)
Salina Art Center
242 South Santa Fe Avenue
Salina, Kansas United States