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Outsider Art
By The Flower Nook

Patrick mcCowan Patrick has dedicated his studio practice at Envision Arts to exploring two-dimensional spatial relationships using stickers of all varieties, while pushing three-dimensional boundaries as he layers, stacks, and creates different forms on paper, found objects, and more. Patrick, is methodical in all he creates. This work is often described as “Outsider Art” and has been on display in downtown Wichita in vacant window storefronts managed by the Wichita Creatives Cohort, A Window Into Wichita Art, AWIWA.

Outsider artists almost always employ techniques that consist of repetition. Patterns are obsessively created using marks, bounded or created using one particular material that is repeatedly executed to bring satisfying comfort and order to life amidst the chaos. 


The term, Art Brut, or “raw art” was coined by the French artist, Jean Dubuffet, in the 1950s to categorize artwork that was made by introverted, isolated, and under-represented artists of the time. Art Brut, now known more commonly as, Outsider Art, was introduced in 1972 by the English academic, Roger Cardinal, determined to “shine light on the art made by artists usually untrained, living quietly, and somewhere sheltered.” (The Art Story Foundation©2021) 


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Monday, August 30, 2021 - Saturday, September 25, 2021
Theatre Salina
303 East Iron Avenue
Salina, Kansas United States