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The Lost Leonardo
By Salina Art Center
Playing at the Art Center Cinema is THE LOST LEONARDO.  
September 17 - 20
About the film:
Art dealing is an esoteric field. The precise reasons certain paintings command unbelievable prices at auctions is not something we think about often; and we do ponder the issue, we probably assume that people who pay millions for rare works do so simply because they can. It confers power and social status to be able to buy a Van Gogh—or one of the “lost” works of Leonardo da Vinci. How much does it even matter if the work is authentic? That’s one of the questions that Andreas Koefoed asks in this spellbinding documentary about the controversy behind “Salvator Mundi,” a painting purchased for slightly more than $1,000 that, upon restoration, seemed to have revealed itself not just a work in the style of Da Vinci, but an actual Da Vinci. The resulting feeding frenzy involved prospective buyers, sellers, historians, collectors, thieves, and skeptics determined to disprove the painting’s origins. The quality of the work itself was never the point, only its symbolic value as something rare, unattainable—and therefore supremely desirable. Koefoed lays all this out like an absorbing thriller, with a gallery of interesting “characters” with their own reasons for coveting—or devaluing—the work. It’s obviously a story bigger than the work of art itself, and encompasses greed, competition, professional jealousy, pride, commerce, and even a glimmering of genuine love of art. We also get rare insight into the hidden machinations of the unimaginably wealthy; no one’s truly the hero because as one interview subject declares, “Power is never neutral.” Even those familiar with this story will find Koefoed’s film utterly captivating: this is no dry, academic documentary but an exciting mystery that moviegoers are invited to participate in. It’s a movie that makes viewers feel the excitement of discovering a buried treasure, then a growing fascination at how much this “treasure” warps everyone who encounters it. 
(Rated PG-13 for mature content and nude images.)
September 17, 2021 - September 20, 2021
6:00pm - 8:00pm
Salina Art Center Cinema
150 South Santa Fe Avenue
Salina, Kansas United States