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Harmony Hideaway House Concerts Presents: Daniel Neihoff, National Touring Musicians in an Intimate Setting
By Harmony Hideaway

That songwriters come from the western Kentucky clan of Neihoffs is a surprise to no one aware of the land and family. In number and colorfulness, there aren't many rivals. But few have natural storytelling and melody baked in quite as thoroughly as in multi-award winning Daniel Neihoff. The youngest of six siblings, Daniel wrote his first song at 8 years old as he grew up around family fit for songs - the old kind about struggle and lonesomeness, mistakes among enduring love. The melodies and legends were all around him in this family, and it all seeped in. Over the years, whether it was for paying gigs or for open mics at Paducah's bars, Neihoff turned heads with his voice and rewarded the interest with his lyrics. The simmering burn of his talent and craft suddenly led somewhere big. At 20, his first audition for a set at Nashville's iconic Bluebird Cafe was successful. The Reidland kid's smooth and soulful sound had already landed on Music City's doorstep from the river town's flood plains. The area's journalists took notice: WKMS's “Something From Nothing Podcast” and “The Spiel” in Southern IL delved into his work. And then the awards at Kerrville New Folk Competition, Woody Festand multiple Songwriter Serenade nods. The world is hearing his range of traditional country to modern pop all with a soulful bend. We are hearing the launch of a voice familiar and unique that feels as if it began quite a while ago. 

·      Two sets of music

·       Suggested donation: $20 (there abouts). 100% of proceeds to the musician

·       Bringing a desert or snacks to share is optional . . . but will widen your circle of friends.



text/call: 217-218-6458

Let a friend know - Any friend of yours is a friend of ours!




(Limited number of seats available!)


April 1st (Saturday): David Singley has spent a career in jazz, playing with incredible artists as well as teaching, but has now taken that experience into the realm of songwriting. Decades of investigating different points-of-view has led him to creating a new album and style of his own design. A blend of jazz, rock and country: a wonderful evening with David Singley.

Just Added: 


April 21st (Friday): Hiroya Tsukamoto is a mesmerizing, live performer and most recently, took 2nd place at the International Fingerstyle Guitar Championship at the legendary Walnut Valley Music Festival (his second such award). A special evening of guitar virtuosity at Harmony Hideaway!

February 08, 2023
7:00pm - 9:00pm
Harmony Hideaway
3488 N. Crystal Springs Rd
Salina, KS