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Fantastic NON-Fiction
By Salina Public Library

Located in the Campbell Room.  Fantastic Non-Fiction selections consist of titles that are engaging, compelling and go beyod stuffy facts and figures.  Can't make it in person.  You can also attend via Zoom! Registration is open May 15 through June 15th.

June 15..."The Kissing Bug" by Dai sy Hernandez.  Growing up in a New Jersey factory town in the 1980's, Daisy Hernandez believed that her aunt had become deathly ill from eating an apple.  But as she discovered Chagas-or the Kissing bug disease --is more prevalent in the US than the Zika virus.  The Kissing Bug tells a story of how poverty, racism, and public policies have conspired to keep this disease hidden.

June 15, 2023
6:15pm - 7:45pm
Salina Public Library
301 West Elm Street
Salina, Kansas United States